2021 Foals by Igor VD Bisschop

Igor VD Bisschop (Kashmir Van Schuttershof x Voltaire x Feinschnitt I Van De Richter)

Valhalla HF out of Pferdia ( Challenger x Swelegant xx )

Paddy HF out of Turnip (Capitalist x Cheer)

Ventura HF out of Barbie (Southern Pride)

Vibe HF out of Topkapi (Challenger x Darby Creek Road xx)

Visage HF out of Hippie HF (Southern Pride x Fleming)

Vail HF out of Siesta HF (Conejo x Wolf Power xx)

Viper HF out Mamba HF (Southern Pride x Come On)

Velour HF out of Calinca HF (Conejo x Prince Gaylord)


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